Antistress massage: techniques and benefits

The anti-stress massage is born from the fusion of various body manipulation techniques; bioenergetic, reflexogenic, neuromuscular, connective tissue massage, Chinese micro massage, shiatsu , chiropractic and the most modern massage techniques. This massage technique is the point of union between East and West, that is ancient and modern. Get a spa gift card in Huntington Beach, CA

As an innovative massage of modern times, its extraordinary beneficial effects have been recognized, linked to the stimulation of venous and lymphatic circulation, muscle relaxation and joint elasticity, nerve regeneration.

This massage is not performed according to a pattern but is defined as “man sized” and is centered on body communication. To ensure its effectiveness, the massage must be personalized for each individual and their problems. This means considering the individual in his uniqueness or in his mind, body and spirit components, but also being able to recognize and decode the body language, the signals of stress, the emotions that have become somatic at the body level and the imperfections.

Antistress massage: techniques and benefits

The anti-stress massage as a need for contact and touch

Touch is considered the most important primordial sense of the human being. The awareness of ourselves and the perception of the world around us depend on it. Through touch we can give shape and depth to all things that are outside our body and our mind. Through the tactile receptors located on our skin, all emotions (hate, love, warmth, affection, tenderness) reach our interior previously filtered by the human body.

Touch is the very first sense that develops inside the human embryo, in fact a touch on the mother’s belly is enough to give it a stimulus and cause a reaction. Having said this, we can say that according to the principles of embryology a vital function is all the more important the earlier it develops. It follows that contact (or tactile stimulation) is a primary human need.

Regardless of the reason for which a massage is given, it is always effective and beneficial. The physical or mechanical effects are not always immediate, but in any case the anti-stress massage restores tone and vigor to the skin as it removes dead cells, improves venous and lymphatic circulation, stimulates nervous reflexes, tones and relaxes the muscles.